Nut processing plant

Sorting, cleaning and drying

The LEGER processing plant allows to sort and clean nuts and hazelnuts before oven drying.

A complete sorting tool

Master each phase of nut processing with the LEGER processing plant. It is a working tool that will make your life easier, combining sorting, washing and drying in a single circuit. The station combines several sorting processes, to provide our customers with an ever cleaner product.

Washing efficiency

The fruit is first removed from large debris with ingenious sorting systems, then brushed and rinsed with clear water.
The fruit is now ready to be oven-dried for distribution to the food chain.

Ease of use

The station adapts to all types of dirt and nut varieties.
Equipped with an access footbridge and multiple stop buttons, you can safely check each step of the fruit processing. Only one person is needed to operate the station.

Personalized follow‑up

In an unceasing quest for customer satisfaction, LEGER accompanies you from the beginning to the end of your project.
Our engineers ensure a personalized implementation, from the study, the construction, and the order to the commissioning of the station.

Key steps

The station is composed of different modules, united for the same purpose: sorting, washing and drying the nuts. The harvest is emptied into the hopper and immediately reaches the dry sorting tunnel. Then a pneumatic separator blows out the lighter debris, while the de-stoner bin takes care of the heavier debris. Finally, the production goes to a washing tunnel to be rinsed before a final sorting phase on the triple inverted conveyor.

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Working with LEGER SAS


The customer relationship is at the centre of our activity, we pay attention to all your needs. Thanks to our design office, we can carry out specialized studies for our customers. Tell us what your needs are, and our team will custom-build a solution


Our DNA comes from the company's founder, Mr. LEGER, who started making mechanics to help his local farmer friends. We have been continuing this philosophy by making tools that ease agricultural labour, and save time and money


The issues of the environment and climate changes are the main challenges facing the agricultural sector, and concern the future of all of us. LEGER SAS has chosen to be an actor of this change and has developed an eco-responsible approach by working on machines that are increasingly energy and resource efficient.

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