Who we are

The company LEGER SAS is specialized in the design and manufacture of agricultural machinery for plum growing, hazelnut growing and viticulture.

A regional expertise

Our specializations came naturally to us because of our particular location: Cancon in the Lot-et-Garonne region, capital of the hazelnut industry, is close to the city of Agen, famous for its prunes. A region rich in agriculture with plum and hazelnut orchards as far as the eye can see.

Our know-how is the direct result of several decades of working alongside farmers, understanding their needs while providing them with solutions.

passion and human first

At LEGER, our passion has not faded since 1981. A strong link between mechanics and arboriculture.

Bernard Léger started very early on by inventing with machines for himself and his farming neighbours in his small workshop. Humane and altruistic, he constantly strived to facilitate the work of farmers to save them time, money and above all convenience. This is what led him to create the company LEGER in 1981.

Starting as a small workshop, today LEGER SAS has become a real company with many local partners and customers. Today, several members of its family are still involved and retain the values of mutual aid on which the company was founded.

Unique and tailor-made solutions

We help many professionals on a daily basis thanks to the performance of our products.

From the engineering office to the workshop, our equipment is entirely made to measure and personalised for each situation (size and condition of the orchard, equipment used, etc.).

We design and manufacture self-propelled pruning platforms, plum harvesters, hazelnut and walnut swathers and harvesters, mechanical hoeing modules for viticulture, GPS vine planters, processing stations for plum, hazelnut, and many others!

Each one of our designs is studied and realized with the greatest care in order to guarantee you a high-quality device and especially adapted to your agriculture.

More than a simple realization, it is above all the proximity and the sharing that we put forward at LEGER SAS. Fundamental values that allow us to be as close as possible to the farmers, to listen to them, to understand them in order to bring them what they really need to work.

In addition to agricultural equipment, our workshop can produce parts in small series for the agri-food, mechanical and agricultural industries.

We also carry out subcontracting work for regional factories.

Possessing a real expertise in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders, we can carry out the most complex repairs of these.