Nut Sweeper & Blower

The solution to gather your nuts

A windrow collection tool for macadamia, pecan, hazelnut, almond…
For most kind of nut !
Andaineur LEGER SAS

Nut Sweeper & Blower

The solution to swath your hazelnuts

A windrow collection tool for macadamia, pecan, hazelnut, almond… For most kind of nut !
Andaineur LEGER SAS

The swather and blower
a clean sweep


The sweeper combined with the blower offers reliability and peace of mind in the formation of distinct windrows.
  • The nut sweeper consists of an endless screw, equipped with combs, allowing a good movement of the nuts in the row.
  • A rotating side brush extends the range of action of the sweeper. The powerful blower takes care of the fruits out of reach, pushing them into the next row.


The sweeper is a handy tool that is easy to operate. Adjustments are simple and intuitive.
  • An optional hydraulic 3rd point allows easy manoeuvring at the end of the row. The hydraulic system is simplified and requires few resources, the sweeper is adaptable to all types of tractors equipped with a front hitch.
  • Equipped with a protective tarpaulin, the sweeper prevents excessive dust emission.


The nut sweeper coupled with towed nut harvester, has shown high performance in picking macadamia, pecan and hazelnut.

They trusted us

Located in Cancon, the French capital of the hazelnut, LEGER has specialized in the harvesting of this nut. Our proximity to hazelnut professionals gives us a better understanding of your needs, and results in a strong service and an increased product quality.

I'm satisfied with the nut sweeper, I wanted a machine that was light and easy to handle. For me the advantage is the weight of the machine, the tractor is less stressed. Sometimes, with the weight of the machine, you need a lot of lifting power! I feared that the engine might overheat because of the dust, but the protective tarpaulin is very effective: I've used the nut sweeper and the blower in really dry weather and with a lot of dust, the tarpaulin contained as much dust as possible underneath and my engine never got hot.
Mr Girardi, hazelnut producer in the Lot‑et‑Garonne region (France)

Working with LEGER SAS


Customer satisfaction is an integral part of the values shared by LEGER SAS. Thanks to our design office, we can carry out studies personalised to our customers. What are your needs? Our team will propose you an adapted solution.


The DNA of the company comes from the founder Mr. LEGER. He originally manufactured agricultural machinery to help his friends in the surrounding area. We continue in this spirit by manufacturing tools that make agricultural work easier and save time and money.


The issue of the environment and global warming is the main challenge facing the agricultural sector and concerns the future of all. LEGER SAS has chosen to be a player in this change and has committed itself to an eco-responsible approach by offering machines that are ever more energy and resource efficient.

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