The solution for tree regrowth removal

Mechanical tree regrowth cutter.
Ecocut360 LEGER SAS


The solution for tree regrowth removal

Mechanical tree regrowth cutter.

Ecocut360 LEGER SAS

The alternative to chemical weeding

Time saving

Save time in orchards with the cutting head rotating 360° around the tree.
  • In a single pass, all regrowth is removed from the tree, saving you a considerable amount of time.
  • No stopping of the tractor is required, it can advance at a constant speed of 1.3 km/h to 2 km/h.
  • Depending on the way the trees are planted, suckers are removed at a rate of 6 to 10 hectares per day!


The EcoCut360 is a module that mechanically operates on the suckers.
  • 2 circular saws cut the tree regrowth.
  • No additional chemical input is required.

Easy to use

Based on mechanical engineering, and a reduced hydraulic system, the EcoCut360 is an easy-to-use machine.
  • Once in operation, the operator only has to worry about aligning the row.
  • The settings are intuitive and easy to make on the control box and on the cutting head.

Ingenious kinematics
for 360° efficiency

The EcoCut360 is an innovative machine with high throughput. The saw system mounted on swivel axles gives it an undeniable advantage: it is the only machine on the arboricultural market capable of getting rid of all regrowth in a single pass.

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They have been trusting us

The EcoCut360 was born in the Lot-et-Garonne, in a hazelnut orchard in France. Concerned about the prohibition of chemical products and the tedious cutting of suckers, a farmer has decided to collaborate with LEGER SAS to remedy these difficulties together. The EcoCut360 is an ideal tool to switch from chemical control of adventitious stems to a more environmentally friendly farming.

The Ecocut gives satisfaction to the Shared Equipment members: good work rate and ease of use. Feedback confirms the good impression: easy to handle, efficient and pleasant. The adjustment of the spacing remains subtle and decisive for cutting 100% of the suckers. It is possible to work very low and leave very few suckers. The setting of the machine is very important. The third hydraulic point is essential. The tension settings of the "cutting head" and "arm" are used throughout their range....& we have used the Ecocut up to slopes of 30% and inclinations of 10%.
Yves THOMAS - President of the CUMA of ESPARSAC
I was looking for a tool that could partially replace the addition of chemical inputs in hazelnut orchards. Today, with the EcoCut360, the goal has been achieved with a 2/3 reduction of chemicals against tree regrowth. The machine also allows a catch-up cut in winter.
Mr Martinet M., EARL de la Canelle, hazelnut producer in the Lot-et-Garonne province (Castillonès)

Working with LEGER SAS


Customer satisfaction is an integral part of the values shared by LEGER SAS. Thanks to our design office, we can carry out studies personalised to our customers. What are your needs? Our team will propose you an adapted solution.


The DNA of the company comes from the founder Mr. LEGER. He originally manufactured agricultural machinery to help his friends in the surrounding area. We continue in this spirit by manufacturing tools that make agricultural work easier and save time and money.


The issue of the environment and global warming is the main challenge facing the agricultural sector and concerns the future of all. LEGER SAS has chosen to be a player in this change and has committed itself to an eco-responsible approach by offering machines that are ever more energy and resource efficient.

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