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Cancon, the 06/02/2024

RoboCut360 is a self driving vehicle which enables to prune automatically the trees feet suckers and to cut the weeds between the trees and in the aisle. It gives a solution to the arborists which want to prune and weed mechanically by reducing the workload and the labour needs.

A self driving vehicle equiped with reliable tools

RoboCut360 is a four electrical drive and steered wheels vehicle which enable to have an important manoeuvrability. It detects the trees rows, moves on its own and adapts precisely the tools position in order to make them work in an optimal way. RoboCut360 is equipped with the EcoCut360 cutting head which enables to prune the suckers located around the fruit trees feet once only. A weeding head or a schredder can also be mounted on the RoboCut360.

Power for the tools working and an important working time

The tools working efficiency required power is supplied by an hydraulic pump connected to a combustion engine. A generator supplys the electric energy to charge the batteries and to power the four motors giving RoboCut360 an important working time.

Léger SAS

Located in Cancon, south west of France, Léger SAS business is to design and manufacture agricultural machinery for the orchards management, for the harvest and the preservation of nuts and stone fruits for more than 40 years. Since 2021, Léger SAS gives a new direction to its evolution by proposing innovative machines whith embedded systems in order to propose more adapted solutions to the problems the agricultural sector is facing.

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